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Turn unemployment to your personal advantage Pt. 7

How to build and maintain a will to succeed

3—Set your expectations high. Our expectations affect what happens to us. Obvious examples are the many sports teams and athletes who, when asked about their success, often reply, “We expected all along that we would win.” A close look at the leaders in almost any field reveals a common theme. Whether it’s a leading scientist, educator, salesperson, or leader of industry, each of them have had positive expectations of themselves.

4—Put positive expectations to work. For instance, if someone tells you that an interview can take only 15 minutes, recognize it’s a screening interview and build expectations that it will allow you to showcase your potential. Here’s another example: Suppose you had an excellent interview, called twice afterwards, and got no response. Don’t assume they have lost interest. Instead, assume they’re busy and that they are still very interested. Decide now that your second meeting will be better than the first. With that kind of expectation, you will then find it easy to write a short follow-up note that your interest continues to grow, and that you are dedicated to becoming the best ever in the job.